Useful array functions

Here area couple of array functions which I keep on finding myself searching for.

objectToArray converts an object into an array. This is not as trivial as it sounds, but luckily a PHP function exists that sort of does this, json_decode. The object is first converted into JSON then decoded from JSON into an associative array:

function objectToArray( $object )
		if( is_object( $object ) )
			return json_decode( json_encode($object), true );

		return $object;

flattenArray converts a multi-dimensional array into a flat array containing only the values:

function flattenArray( $arr = [] )
	$return = array();
	array_walk_recursive($arr, function($a) use (&$return) { $return[] = $a; });
	return $return;

This came from StackOverflow:

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